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Why did I migrate from Easy Digital Downloads to WooCommerce ?

I ‘m a webdesigner in love with digitalart. I’m still selling in a comfortable way my images (photos, illustrations, vintage stuff, 3D renderings) at micro-stock and stock agencies.
But my goal is to sell also by myself. As I can buildup websites, I launched AntikStock to sell a niche of mine: my illustrations restored and elaborated from the huge antique book collection of my property.

At a first glance Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) would really look the easy way to sell downloadable goods. But a rather disturbing (arithmetical!) issue (*) popping up changed my point of view and induced me to look seriously for alternatives and compare performances.

While comparing I found out that WooCommerce offers not only a quite solid E-commerce platform for virtual downloadable goods, but also much more interesting features free of charge.

A few examples: :

  • to duplicate a product to sell with WooCommerce is free, on EDD you have to pay 29usd/year only for this simple feature!
  • to comply with the EU VAT rules is free of charge, no way can EDD compete for free
  • cross-sells and upsells are included, no need to pay for the corresponding EDD options anymore.

I could go on further, I would just add that I completed seamlessy my migration owning an elegant new shop with many more features totally free of charge and – the cherry on top – with a beautiful free image zoom.

(*) As you may know, selling digitally downloadable goods in EU imposes a set of pretty complicated rules made by bureaucrats for bureaucrats, but we can cope with them. EDD behaves okay at checkout time unless you introduce a discount. If you do that a sum of round-up errors appears in the VAT calculation; as quite surprisingly the net amount in this case is not shown, the error goes easily unnoticed – until a diligent official remarks such a few cents mismatch and then things are likely to turn interesting. Of course I reported it, but EDD didn’t seem to take the matter seriously.

Restyling web-ankh agenzia Internet (IT)

Finalmente la mia web-partner ed io abbiamo trovato il momento di rinnovare il sito della nostra agenzia in italiano e tedesco. Presto, appena i nostri impegni ce lo consentiranno aggiungeremo le pagine in inglese. agenzia internet

La parte più importante del sito riguarda le prestazioni offerte divise per specialità:

siti web

  • parallax, one-page site, ottimo per cominciare in bellezza
  • siti responsive & mobile, per una perfetta diffusione su ogni schermo
  • WordPress & blog, come monetizzare il vostro tempo con un blog
  • E-shops, con supporto marketing oriented
  • siti multilingua, per un mercato potenzialmente enorme

servizi web

  • domain & hosting, know-how pluriannuale al vostro servizio per evitare passi falsi
  • logo & grafica, comunicazione e stile per il vostro sito
  • foto & immagini creative, scegliamo assieme le immagini per completare le vostre idee
  • animazioni 3D, per oltrepassare la barriera del linguaggio
  • SSL encryption, sicurezza e web ranking
  • PayPal, non solo shop
  • restyling per siti trendy
  • manutenzione & cura, non vi lasciamo soli

presenza web

  • online marketing, tagliato su misura
  • ottimizzazione SEO, per il ranking del vostro sito
  • testi creativi, per catturare l’attenzione di un mouse click
  • social media & blog, sinergie per espandere la vostra presenza web

protezione web

Un sistema completo di protezione e monitoraggio per proteggere il vostro sito contro hacking e malware.
A questo proposito trovate un mio articolo qui

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