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New offer for our customers:
Protect your website against malware and brute force attacks

We have built up a prevention and protection program with the best available software combination, anti-malware and backup/restore.

We install the software for you and take care of the health of your website by:
  • -constantly monitoring its security,
  • -regularly updating the software to prevent site vulnerability,
  • -and, in the worst-case scenario, restoring your site from a safe backup.

Feel free to contact us for detailed information.

we offer much more than just a website


a wide choice of flexible services and options for your best web exposition,
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Digital Art

Stock photos and photoservices

Tell it with one image

  • Images search:

    If you are in search of “the one” picture (or the ones) which could make the difference for a website, a blog or a brochure, we search (or generate with AI technology) the perfect choice for you ! Please, contact us.

  • Dedicated photoservices:

    your catalogue, your company, your products, your art

Luisa Fumi digital art and stock images

Since 2012 I have begun to be active in the microstock and stock photos sectors.
Please, enjoy a visit to Luisa Fumi Photography stock photos and prints : lifestyle, street art, nature, food, Germany, Italy, Croatia, Denmark.

In "Where is Luisa" you can find a comprehensive list of my stock agencies links

Gameover's Atelier

  • AI+Human Images Collection

  • images 'AI generated', created and post-processed with the human touch :-D
  • AntikStock, old times stock images

    • Visit my AntikStock website of images from the past refurbished and carefully restored from my personal collection of rare books: science, people, history, technology, humor, medicine, lifestyle, fashion, food, architecture and much more!

    • "Fresh" ancient content added daily


Italian born, living in beautiful Munich, Bavaria, Germany.

in partnership with Sonja Müller at Web Ankh agency.
owner and do-all of the stock website AntikStock, old times stock images
owner of the new shop Gameover's Atelier - Ai+Human images Collection

Please feel free to contact me, even only for advice, i'm always happy to help :-)