The adventures of a security plugin wanderer

The adventures of a security plugin wanderer

Okay, after my malware misadventures and the absolute uselessness of my Sitelock donation, I decided to:

1 – face the reality: today brute force attack, backdoors and wanton malware spreading have become an annoying habit. Not unlike mosquitoes and bureaucracy, they cannot be avoided. But they can be fought – they must be fought!

2 – cover my back: look for an efficient security plugin to protect my websites and my customers’.

3 – easy restore: in case of malware infection, develop a strategy to rebuild a safe and sound website in no time, before Google & C start to ban it.

I installed a number of WordPress plugins and tested them together under several brute force attacks and hack attempts (courtesy of plenty of nameless mostly Russian and Chinese hackers), and the outcoming surprised me: they all failed (with a few exceptions for Sucuri) except for WordFence.
Wordfence proved to be a real gem tough: a clever and intelligent plugin that succeded where all the others failed! Have look at Wordfence Website and especially at the blog where you can learn in an easy and pleasant way about attack techniques and goals.
The plugin and the website suggest an enthusiastic, passionate and competent team. I learned a lot and liked them a lot.

Now I have piled up an extensive experience on this topic, as several customers of mine have suffered my same misfortune, and such an outrage to your intellectual property is becoming a nasty commonplace.
What I most appreciate of Wordfence is its smooth and reassuring attitude – “keep calm, we can help”: in a matter of minutes the plugin not only identifies the malware infections, but helps cleaning up and repairing your website, thus sparing you even the nuisance of resorting to your last backup. That’s just great !

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